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Lingyun photon: EAGLE series highlights the AOI charisma

time:2018/1/18 1:33:28

Report from our correspondent: the end of the year, the tail and head of the lingyun photon technology group as the international and domestic leading AOI inspection equipment, one of the experts recently in fairs the EAGLE series Film AOI, PCB AOI two product, during the exhibition brings in many professional visitors stop and watch. Have many customers for the test samples, the harvest satisfactory results, and put forward the trial intention. It serves to show lingyun AOI equipment its charisma.

No DunXing precision fine defects

Soaring EAGLE series Film AOI optical resolution can reach 5 μ m, minimum effective detection 10 μ m short circuit fault, open circuit fault, gap, burr, pinhole and tiny defect, soaring EAGLE series Film AOI through the light source and imaging system optimization design, to ensure that the defect expressive, all independent research and development of the detection algorithm and the design of specific aim, greatly improve the defect detection ability, especially for the pinhole, brown residual copper coated, foreign bodies, such as blue dot detection capability is greatly enhanced. Customer's small defect detection needs doesn't missing. Let a little defect in lingyun EAGLE series Film AOI no DunXing before.

Reliable zero residual he stepped up

Soaring EAGLE series Film AOI can effectively detection size for 26 "× 31" (660 mm * 780 mm), minimum line width/line distance 2 mil Film, unique light source (blue) interference suppression design, can restrain the negative black grain, scart, crease bring interference, more unique intelligent detection algorithm, sensitive area to be automatic recognition and threshold adjustment and defect filtering mechanism, effectively reduce false positives, greatly improve the reliability. To realize the key defects (such as short circuit fault, open circuit fault) zero residual, error detection rate is less than 10%, as the industry leading level, must not customer trust.

Soaring EAGLE series Film AOI

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