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China's electronic information industry is expected to rebound stabilises

time:2018/1/18 1:33:00

Work letter department issued the first October electronic information manufacturing operation, since this year our country electronic information manufacturing industry growth continued reduction situation, along with the national policies and measures to increase stability gradually obvious and stabilises situation has revealed, and production growth budged, industry efficiency improved, expected fourth quarter will present stabilises picks up trend.

Data display, electronic information industry production and sales growth present stabilised situation, the first ten months, the scale above electronic manufacturing industry added value year-on-year growth of 11.3%, 3 months keep in the 11% to 11.5% range; Achieve sales value 6.8657 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.7%, more than 0.3% in the first nine months. Among them, the October sales value growth increased by 1.8% than last month.

Export growth picks up, imports stabilised, first ten months, China's electronic information products import and export total 954.6 billion us dollars, up by 3.3%, Among them, the export $559.7 billion, a 3.9% increase year-on-year growth, than January to September is increased by 0.5%. October that month, electronic information products export $62.9 billion, up 8.4%, a rate of more than 3.0% last month, Imported 48.8 billion us dollars, up 4.3%, the previous month's growth.

First 10 months of this year, China's mobile phone users accumulated MLN, the user for a total of 1.095416 billion households. Among them, the first ten months, the domestic 3 g users MLN, for a total of 212.415 million households, mobile users permeability by ShangNianMo 13%, rising to 19%.

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