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North American PCB October data research

time:2018/1/18 1:32:53

The United States, Illinois, bannockburn, on November 30, 2012 - IPC - international electronic industrial connection association? Today issued the in North America in October of printed circuit board (PCB) statistical research report.

PCB industry growth rate and shipment order than the results

In October, rigid PCB board shipments 1.1% year-on-year drop in orders fell 9.2% year-on-year. The date of issue, 2012 rigid PCB board shipments rose 4.4%, orders fell by 0.2%. Compared with last month, rigid PCB board shipments link fell by 12.4%, orders fell by 14.3%. In October 2012 in North America rigid PCB order delivery ratio fell to 0.98.

In October, FPC, according to the order up 15.6%, 18.9% year-on-year drop. Up to date of issue, FPC of shipments fell by 4.0%, orders fell by 10.5%. Compared with last month, FPC, according to the link fell by 10.3%, orders fell by 0.5%. North America FPC order delivery ratio remains in the low level of 0.74.

In October, just scratch resistance of the plate with shipments up 0.1%, 10.0% year-on-year drop order. By the end of the date of issue, 2012 just scratch resistance of the plate with shipments fell by 4.4%, orders fell by 1.1%. Compared with last month, just scratch resistance of the plate with shipments link fell by 12.2%, order link fell by 13.4%. In October 2012 just scratch resistance combined with plate order delivery ratio remains in 0.96.  

IPC market research director Sharon Star said: "October order delivery ratio is still in equilibrium value under, but bending property plate sales has rebounded, industry comprehensive recovery is expected to start in early 2013. The congress of the United States launched the" fiscal cliff "measures will be on the economic growth and business confidence have obvious impact."

Order delivery ratio, is in the IPC research company samples, in the past three months of sales in addition to the order amount calculated value. Ratio greater than 1.00 illustrates the current demand is greater than supply, indicate in the next two or three months, the sales growth trend to development.

Just scratch resistance combined with plate order delivery ratio and increment rate, mainly by the influence of the rigid PCB. The IPC global PCB production statistics report shows that in North America, rigid PCB accounted for about 90% share of the PCB industry.

The role of local production in North America

IPC per month for North America PCB industry survey data, from the United States and Canada enterprise quantity and shipments, the data shows that the region's demand indicators. These data could not be used to measure in the United States and Canada local production of PCB quantity. In order to master the region's production situation, IPC for participants in the survey company, provide their local production in the United States, Canada, according to the data submitted in the percentage of. The IPC investigation, October shipments PCB board 82% come from local; The rigid circuit board North America accounted for 82% of local production, bending of plate North America accounted for 84% of local production. These data clearly influenced by the IPC sample company's comprehensive influence, January a slight change of data, but the rest of the month is constant.

Bare plate and the comparison of the assembly

FPC sales, in addition to bare board, but also including assembly such value-added service part. In October, IPC for FPC manufacturers survey sample shows that bare board accounted for about 44% of the total cost of the shipment. Assembly and other services in the torsion resistance circuit manufacturer's business, occupy a considerable share and gradually to increase. The number of the sample changes are also sensitive, is also in the beginning of the year when the sample selection need to consider the factors.

Data interpretation

Year-on-year growth rate, the growth rate of the year to date, to explore the development trend of the industry is a guiding significance. Because of its data link by periodic, short-term sex change factors, need to be taken seriously. Compared with the data delivery, order data change from month to month, more than between order shipment change, also is not so important, unless there are three consecutive months or more obvious change trend. Explore the order and delivery of the reasons for such changes and understanding order delivery ratio changes are also important.

IPC monthly PCB industry statistical information, from the United States and Canada is based on the selected representative just/torsion sex PCB manufacturer as sample, and provide regular data. IPC will be published monthly by PCB order delivery ratio and PCB statistical project report. Monthly statistics report next month issued last week.

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