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PCB tool factory November after single back to temperature

time:2018/1/18 1:32:39

The global economic boom has not yet recovered, dongtai (4526), taichung fine machine (8707), and a shot (1530), the director of ChengTai (1583) and (4510), a number of other PCB tool factory new receive orders first show sole play up signs, November after single slowly back to the temperature, a little better than October.

Industry pointed out that the domestic JiXieYe export from 2010, 11 years, many JiXieYe afraid of climbing into the goods, please employee to work overtime, even with reduced employees to before the end of the year after Hugh annual leave, also did not leave pay an extra bonus, but the second half of this year after single speed slowed down obviously, some mechanical industry began to encourage the staff before the end of the year after Hugh annual leave.

In contrast, dongtai, the director, and a shot and ChengTai, a number of other production of comprehensive processing machine, lathe or PCB drilling machine, a number of other machine tool industry in November after single slowly back to the temperature. But as 3 c industry appear structural change, plastic injection molding machine needs are not as good as before, companies began to fight for food and automobile components and traditional trade order.

Taichung fine machine in charge of that taichung fine machine in the second half of this year the overall pick list than the same period last year 1, 2 into recession, the joint single also at the bottom, but has slowly picks up and no longer deterioration, the order within 1 billion yuan.

Dongtai in charge of that dongtai November lathe, comprehensive processing machine and PCB drilling machine order than October a little better, and then single about 300 million yuan, 2 billion yuan, the cumulative order delivery, see the customer demand, some must be driven by the end of the delivery, some is shipment early next year.

The director, said the director of the mainland branch received in October 30 table small integrated machine after November, and received the mainland agent order more than twenty table, each table average unit price 2.5 million yuan of large integrated machine, 4, 50 million yuan, is expected to order by early next year, in November shipment, new joint order more than 100 million yuan, more than in October, follow-up and 2, 300 sets of small integrated machine order under negotiation, can increase next year operating kinetic energy.

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