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PCB expanding factory location southeast Asia Taiwan mainland each advantage

time:2018/1/18 1:32:20

The recent Taiwan government actively invite Taiwanese investment back to Taiwan, but the lack of work has always been a problem, especially human demand relatively high degree of PCB industry to PCB industry speaking, labor costs accounted for the proportion of the total cost of about 2 into, so in the modification site selection, lack of work problems, the labor compensation cost, environmental protection standards and and supply chain cooperation degree, also causes Taiwan factory decided to place the main modification factor.

In order to encourage Taiwan back to Taiwan investment, in September this year, the government decision to relax and industry labor allotment ratio, including printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging and testing, clothing, luggage/bag, refrigerated meat, bicycle components, plastic safety helmet, cleaning products manufacturing and cosmetics industry, electronic printed circuit board for example, its allotment ratio is increased from 10% to 15%.

In addition to open allotment ratio outside, if to conform to the new investment in the domestic case, or the investment scale and the creation of employment have reached a certain level, more migrant workers employment ratio will be up again, but the ratio limit is 40%.

Investors believe that the advantages of migrant workers for time elasticity, low cost, reduce the night shift lack of work rate and turnover rate is low, but the shortcoming is more difficult for communication and training, also want more heart flower in the files, but turn against the actual labor and labor compensation cost analysis, considering the salary, welfare and foreign worker need extra cost (such as intermediary, service charges, the ticket fee, etc.), average a migrant workers salary is 24800 yuan, the average labor is for 26966 yuan (day shift) and 31608 yuan (night).

And in addition to invest in Taiwan outside, more and more manufacturers began to asean mobile, Taiwan manufacturers to set up production base, asean, including F - Thai ding, JingPeng and competing countries, even if this year Thailand basic working in Q2 rise up to of the average wage, but is still relatively low salary, monthly performance conversion nt $10000 yuan/month, the mainland is 15000-18000 yuan, in addition, due to the Thai nationality people beginning, but human relative stability high turnover rate is low, the personnel for the implementation of policy degree is high, help output quality, further boosted yield, and because believe Buddhism, culture will not cheat, but in Thai factories defect is the local PCB industry chain as the mainland complete, and search the outsourcing of single station plant fear is hard to find, so to self-built capacity.

As for the Chinese market, in addition to artificial cost and environmental assessment more and more strict consider outside, cooperate with customer factory layout is also an important factor, Taiwan at present is in east China, south China is given priority to, but with the brand manufacturers, assembly plant to the western migration, including HP, acer, ASUS and assembly plant compal, weft and representative, in chengdu and chongqing, with industrial chain needs, Taiwan factory factory in the west, such as volunteers, super fine into families, said han yu bo, huatong is established to sichuan, the tripod and connecting the alum is to hubei mobile, also be close the western economic circle.

But for the Japanese PCB companies in addition to the Chinese labor cost in recent years rapid promotion pressure, this year fishing island after the event has been "flee tide", transferred to asean development, such as Meiko Electroni is announced mainland guangzhou factory and part of the wuhan factory production equipment transfer to Vietnam, the Vietnamese factory factory in PCB production capacity will double the number of employees, the future Vietnam will reach the level of 4 times at present.

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