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Hangzhou library use about 1,500,000 Omron (OMRON) RFID tags

time:2018/1/18 1:32:08

Hangzhou library use about 1,500,000 Omron (OMRON) RFID tags

With the automatic identification industry continues to develop, on the identification made more efficient, faster, logo media greater and more specific information requests, RFID is precisely in response to this trend came into being. An increasing number of market sectors, business users, as well as government departments, are beginning to concern and application of RFID technology and products, with the application of RFID technology in-depth step-by-step, maturing, certainly for a large number of customers and the industry to such an extent that society as a whole Long-term and far-reaching positive impact.

The library in the domestic market, RFID system is gradually becoming a trend in technology, with the National Library of China, Hangzhou City Library, the library, Shenzhen, Xiamen University Libraries, Jimei, and so on into the success of RFID systems and applications, RFID technology has been growing Library of concern to the industry, and industry veteran who called the third generation of library automation technology management (Computer Management - bar code-RFID).

Hangzhou national library, though not the first RFID system into the library, but the scale of RFID systems for the highest domestic, RFID tags also use the most current. Hangzhou library RFID systems, using a large number of OMRON's RFID tags, the number reached about 1,500,000.

OMRON is a well-known global sensing and control technology products, has operations in 35 countries and regions, the global market with annual sales of about 80 billion U.S. dollars in the Greater China has more than 13,000 employees. OMRON Corporation from 1985 into RFID research and development and production, far more than two decades of time, OMRON has accumulated a great deal of advanced technology and complete the formation of a wealth of various frequency bands (HF, UHF, LF, VHF) of the RFID reading Write device, RFID tag product line.

OMRON market has been the library's RFID Business Unit of the important target market, OMRON on a global scale have many success stories, the library's electronic tag shipments of about 30,000,000. OMRON is a focus on technology and excellent quality of technology-based global enterprises, its RFID products in the market, the library has a very well received and trusted.

angzhou library was favored by OMRON, should be based on OMRON is a global RFID industry more than two decades of successful experience in the confidence and trust. The RFID tags are concerned, OMRON has the world's unique and advanced RFID inlay (Inlay) processing technology, the technology for IC and the antenna between the ultrasonic oscillation combination of technology, named JOMFUL (JOint of two Metals over Film by ULtrasonic vibration ), The technology in the United States, Japan, the European Union, South Korea, China Taiwan and other places to obtain a patent.

A complete Inlay (not packaged RFID tags) by the IC and antenna components from the welding part of the pressure, specifically, JOMFUL technology Inlay is the pressure in the welding process, the first step, so that the ultrasonic pressure oscillation IC Kim feet grinding heat condensation laminated plastic so that it was through melting, and IC Kim foot aluminum antenna directly to the substrate layer; the second step, and continue to exert pressure on the ultrasonic vibration, so that the IC substrate aluminum and gold pin with each other Chimeric fused; the third step, remove the pressure on the ultrasound, at this time, the first step in the hot molten plastic layer will then curing, has played the role of the IC fixed, IC and metal antenna between the full integration of condensate.

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